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Promotional Products for Flu Season- We’ve Got You Covered For 2020.

You might wonder- “are there really promotional products for flu season?” The answer- yes!

We’re thinking ahead so you don’t have to. It seems crazy to think about flu season coming up. As a planet, we’ve been battling Covid-19 for months now. But what about all those other bugs? We’re about to head into our regularly scheduled time to get sick. With respect to the devastation COVID-19 has caused, now is the time for us to prepare by stocking up on supplies to protect ourselves, our families, co-workers, employees, and friends.

Bulk Sanitation orders are already taking 3-4 weeks to fulfill! That means we’re not the only one thinking this- many businesses are getting ready.

Current orders placed this August may not arrive until October, especially considering quantities available. If you’re thinking about ordering branded sanitation products, promotional products for healthcare, or bulk branded sanitizer, masks, and more- we’re here to help at Big Bang.

We’ve got our online shop up to date with what’s hot and new in promotional products for flu season:

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to talk about how we can help with your next bulk sanitation order.

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