Build a Bang Box

Make the Experience Memorable.

It's as Easy as 1 2 3

1. Choose a Theme

Spark an idea for a theme below with a few of our ever popular and successful boxes. 

  • Prospective Client
  • Employee Training
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Event Attendee
  • Meeting Kick Off
  • Student Welcome

2. Set Your Budget

Whatever your budget, Bang Boxes let your brand identity shine in the best possible way. Let’s crunch some numbers together! 

  • How long will the promotion run? (tip: longer promotions are more economical)
  • How many boxes could you need during that time? (tip: it is better to shoot high)
  • How many products would you like in your box? (tip: two to five works well for most!)

3. Select the Contents

Let’s start with a Bang Box Idea Sparker. See how we can make your box exciting and memorable! It will include-

  • An exciting selection of product ideas selected especially for your theme.
  • A variety of box options that work well with your budget.
  • A presentation to show each product with your logo.

Once the box content selection is completed, we creatively brand everything and package it all together for you.

It is that easy! 


See the Bang Box Reaction

Opening a Bang Box is a Wow Experiencecreating big impressions that are talked about and memorable.

Bang Boxes

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