Build a Bang Box

Make the Experience Memorable.

It's as Easy as 1 2 3

1. Choose a Theme

Spark an idea for a theme below with a few of our ever popular and successful boxes. 

  • Prospective Client
  • Employee Training
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Event Attendee
  • Meeting Kick Off
  • Student Welcome

2. Set Your Budget

Whatever your budget, Bang Boxes let your brand identity shine in the best possible way. Let’s crunch some numbers together! 

  • How long will the promotion run? (tip: longer promotions are more economical)
  • How many boxes could you need during that time? (tip: it is better to shoot high)
  • How many products would you like in your box? (tip: two to five works well for most!)

3. Select the Contents

Let’s start with a Bang Box Idea Sparker. See how we can make your box exciting and memorable! It will include-

  • An exciting selection of product ideas selected especially for your theme.
  • A variety of box options that work well with your budget.
  • A presentation to show each product with your logo.


See the Bang Box Reaction

Opening a Bang Box is a Wow Experiencecreating big impressions that are talked about and memorable.

Bang Boxes

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