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Big Bang Fall Update: Top 3 Promotional Product Trends, Holiday Planning & More

Welcome Fall

Most of us welcome fall as a time of excitement and action. Beautiful fall days, reengaging with our hobbies and pursuits, the return to school and busy schedules. 2021 has all that, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on our world. Many things we want to do are not possible or are available to us with a different approach. Here in Nova Scotia, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Strang, now speaks of “living with Covid”, and that will see things continue to open, evolve and some sense of returning to normal.

At Big Bang, we continued to work with our clients through spring and summer months on amazing, branded promotional product solutions for their projects. While mask sales have dropped off, these are likely to still be with us for some time.

Top 3 Trends: Golf, Pop Up Tents, Pop Up Apparel Stores

One area that has been popular is golf, with many corporate tournaments, bringing the need for golf apparel and golf-related swag – from balls to prizes. One of clients, The Construction Association of Nova Scotia, was busy with several events, and we were
pleased to be able to partner with them for their needs. Another popular item we were providing as the summer approached were our branded pop-up tents and display items. As some in-person events were being held, these types of products were back in high demand. You can review our vast display options here:

Our pop-up stores have been proving quite popular and an easy way for any organization to have employees or members order items. These short-term online stores are an excellent way for organizations to have their employees order apparel and other goods. No more having to chase people for their size, working with a spreadsheet to finalize total sizes required, etc…our pop-up platform does it all for you, with your brand and your pricing. This is offered to you as a no charge service as part of our technology platform.
For your next apparel program, let us provide the ordering and management tool for you!

Holiday Season 2021

Like many industries, our team at Big Bang is experiencing inventory shortages and production delays. However, we refuse to let external threats define our team and lessen your expectations. During the past several months, we have been experiencing a major resurgence in activity of all kinds – which is great. However, like many industries, Big Bang is also experiencing inventory shortages and production delays.

For the 2021 Holiday Season, the key to guaranteeing you get the products, customization, and delivery you want is preparing early.  Our industry’s supply chain has been facing unstable inventory, pricing, and scheduling all year.  Now is the time to talk to us about the Holiday Season. Many of our clients still have employees working from home. How do you connect with them on a regular basis? How can you ensure a company culture with remote employees? Is it time to reward employees for the incredible effort they have made to ensure your organization’s success? Gifts and rewards should be a big part your employee engagement and retention plans.

Feel free to visit our catalogues page to view our 2021 catalogues for all your holiday promotional product needs.

We’re Here To Help You With Your Holiday Promotional Product Needs

As you know, the Big Bang team is here to help you select impactful products for all your needs. We can also offer our Bang Boxes, fulfilment, and ship-to-home options. Connect with us today to discuss your custom branded gifts for the upcoming season.  Planning means setting yourself – and your gifts – up for success!

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